Equine We offer a wide variety of equine services through our mobile veterinary units and in house facility. Diagnostics including conventional radiography, ultrasonography, and endoscopic imaging are available. We are fully equipped with equine dentistry tools, and can perform in house or mobile, performance floats and corrective work. Lameness exams, consults, and equine pre-purchase exams are also available. Educational seminars are available upon request. Please contact us for any additional questions or advice on medical services provided.

Bovine Our clinic provides Cochrane, AB with a multitude of bovine medicine and services. These include heard health and management protocols tailored to the producer’s program, diagnostic and reproductive services, large animal medicine consults, and post natal calf care. We provide mobile pregnancy diagnosis and breeding soundness examinations on a herd or individual basis. Please contact one of our large animal veterinarians for additional questions or bovine services provided.